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About Soldier Suicide and Tour 22

22. The number of soldiers that commit suicide DAILY. Imagine serving your country, survive the battlefield only to come home and die in crisis? This is not acceptable.

This comedy show, partnering with Stop Soldier Suicide is to raise funds and awareness to bring that number to ZERO. NONE. NADA. Everyone gets to live. This is stop number 2 (or 3) of a 22 location tour that will showcase comedians who are Veterans or Active Duty military. Come laugh with us and save lives.

How you can join the cause.

Even if you can’t attend, you can contact us with the receipt and we will donate your tickets to local veterans to attend for free (please purchase 2 if donating). View upcoming show.

Like and share our page and posts.

How organizations can join the cause.

Donate goods to be raffled during the show to raise more money. You’ll receive an acknowledgement during the show.

Donate media space. We will acknowledge you during the show and on our website.

Are you a venue that can house 250+ laughing people?  Do you serve food/drinks?  Would you love us to come to your city?  We’d love to partner with you!

Sponsor a stop on the tour.  We’ll include you in all press, include you on our website, VIP table and acknowledgement during the event(s).

We’ll figure out something that matches your ‘awesomeness.’

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